When I entered the portal of Sri Vaishnavi Degree College, I felt a mystic feeling. The lush green campus and the environment reflected the glory of the 24 year old institution and its great alumni. The task that lies before me is to provide quality education and motivate our students (the majority of them belong to the disadvantaged sections of the society). It is the responsibility of the students to acquire as much knowledge / skills as possible for their own benefit or for the benefit of the society). The all round development of their personality, providing them with knowledge and skills and making them fine human beings and global citizens is the need of the hour.

I hope all the faculties, supporting staff, students, parents, alumni and the elite of the town will extend their co-operation in my endeavour to transform this college into a premier institution in Kadapa District. Let us strive hard and enjoy together during our stay here. With Good WIshes....