Change is inevitable. Change is constant. Change motivates us to transform ourselves into perfection. Imparting quality education lays stronger foundation in making stronger generation and next leaders.

The first sign of changes in the society is seen through the field of education. Education shapes minds, and revolutionary changes take place when revolutionary minds start taking action Education is the agent that drives the transformation of society towards a better future.

Sri Vaishnavi Degree College has been the torch bearer in initiating the change process in the field of education all these years and it gives us immense pride to have completed 20 successful years of our commitment to excellence. By pioneering many path-breaking pedagogical methods, teaching techniques, training and infrastructure, and the excellent results our efforts yield encourage us to keep adding a dynamic thrust in imparting the right education.

It has always been our endeavour to keep up the value-added advantage our students have over others. We emphasize on adding quality to academia and consistently strive for excellence in performance. This has strengthened our vision to let our students plan their future in the right direction and bring in enduring results.

Sri Vaishnavi firmly believes in self assessment and introspection. With this self analysis, our educational initiatives serve the student community effectively. We owe all our success to our teamwork and dedication of the entire staff and management. We do and forever strive to get as close as we can to perfection.

“Winners are always ready for action”

The world is rapidly changing man learned how to swim like a fish, how to fly like a bird. He unravelled the mysteries of the universe reached moon, made world so small. But the world is not liberated from the clutches of social evils rampant poverty, wide spread illiteracy, unbridled suppression, superstitions, religious fanaticism, cultural chauvinism and ethnic strife, which plague most of the countries. To curtail all these, education is the only tool that can create miracles.

Sri Vaishnavi is taught to be honest and decent future citizens with high integrity levels. Our country prospers only through honest living and free land for survival. They are taught to learn the quality of urban imperturbability, the ability to accept people as they are without getting effected or influenced by anything. This training in turn helps Sri Vaishnavins to learn loving and sharing. Hence it is proved that Sri Vaishnavi provides holistic learning environment for the excellence of every student Sri Vaishnavi also aims to be innovative in impeditive exams by imparting new methods of teaching and inputs.